Wilbrook Platinum BCC

Platinum Business and Convention Center is an elegant project in which environmental considerations contribute to a fundamentally superior building – more comfortable, more efficient, more appealing and ultimate more profitable . The building was designed to have a positive impact on public health and on the environment to have the operating costs reduced, enhanced building and organizational marketability and potentially increases occupants’ productivity.

  • The building has a B+GF+5 structure, mixing the following functions: offices, convention center, food-court area, commercial area.
  • Floor plate of 7,500 sqm
  • Parking spaces that accommodate more than 850 cars both aboveground and underground
  • 8 passenger elevators – meaning no waiting time for your company employees
  • Technical advanced systems – Integrated Building Management System, water treatment plant, power generator, own Technical Plant
  • “Installation air-water” in office spaces – in the ventilated rooms both the air (fresh and recirculated) and the water supply of the fan coils are circulated

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